Common Questions Asked About Our Puppies:
1.) What Color/Weight will they be? Their color will vary and we can't really tell
you for sure what color they will be born with. All the babies are born black
and brown with some white markings. As they get older they can vary from
can get an idea of what possible color they might be. The same applies for
weight, but generally they vary in between their parents weights.

2.) How soon can I get my puppy? Between 6-8 weeks, depending on how
soon the puppies cut their teeth and learn to eat solid foods.

3.) Do you provide a warranty?  We guarantee our puppies/dogs to be in
good health to the best of our knowledge.  All shots to be updated, and free
from obvious defects. No guarantee is made on health problems or defects
that cannot be detected by a vet at date of sale. We will not refund money or
exchange puppies because you have changed your mind for any reason.  
Further details on the warranty will be provided at date of purchase.