Dudley DoRight
Here are a few new pics of our crazy
man Dudley....he is thriving and being
a handful....but regardless of how
much tissue we have to buy we love
him to death....Hope you enjoy

My little man loves the swimming pool,
we went over to my sisters, we
jumped in pool and he came flying in
with us.  Was hilairous moment, only
NO CAMERA....but any pics you have
PLEASE post so others can see what
lovely dogs you have...tHANKS

~~~Steve & Leisa Epps ~~~
I just wanted to let you know that
"Zack" is doing GREAT!!!! He has not
cried, well unless he wants to be
picked up (LOL). He is a ball of fun and
joy and has already brought us A LOT
of laughs and hugs and kisses.
Attached is a picture of where he
sleeps MAJORITY (yeah, I know, :) ) of
the time, especially whenever he is
riding whether I'm driving or not.

I'll keep you up to date on his
progress as well as send you pictures.
My husband and I thank you so much
for providing us with such a loving and
ball of joy.

Naomi & Lance Sharp
Hello!! Just wanted to send you a new
pic of Shelby. She is doing awesome!!
She can get up the steps and loves
playing outside. She has gotten longer
and taller. My son, Aidan that you met,
took this pic

"Shelby Lynn is a joy!"

Hello Charlotte,
Just a note to let you know Bittsy Bug and Sassie Frass
love ice cubes. They discovered them today and had a
blast slinging them all over the living room!! They also like
meat skins and biscuits and country gravy!! All of my
babies have to have a bite of what ever we have to eat.
Man, they have just come and fit right in with the whole
bunch. Christopher especially loves them and they look
forward every morning, afternoon, and evening to playing
with him. Christopher also immediately looks for
the babies when he comes into the living room. Last
Wednesday, I took them to the groomers for a bath and
Christopher pouted all day until they got home. And, of
course, the minute they got home, the play time
began. We have to get some batteries for our camera and
then I will send you bunches of pictures.
Thank you so much for allowing us to have two of your
babies. We will love them and spoil them just like you

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